Monday July 27, 2020, Maeva Ghennam made confidences on Snapchat account and not just any. She warned her subscribers about a scourge that is currently affecting young people. A victim herself, she told of her ordeal.

On vacation with Carla Moreau, Kevin Guedj and Magali Berdah, the star of the Marseillais has revealed to have already made use of these balloons full of laughing gas, a new festive trend, but very dangerous, loved in particular by adolescents and young adults. Moreover, Maeva Ghennam has already been hospitalized because of this new “drug” and she was afraid of her life. “I’ve done hilarious balling before, because it’s not drugs, it’s legal. I did, but I don’t do it anymore, because one day I had a whole side paralyzed face. It’s super dangerous and toxic. I had to be uneasy for me to understand it, “she said.

Magali Berdah was present that day, and her story is chilling. She says: “I found myself in the hospital, I was accompanying her and she was in a state … I was afraid of my life. She was all blocked from the face. We thought she was paralyzed and she had had a stroke. We had the fear of our lives. I had to call her mom to come … “

“Do not wait until you feel unwell to stop, I advise against making balloons”, concludes Maeva Ghennam.

Balloons filled with laughing gas are very dangerous. Those who indulge in this practice actually aspire nitrous oxide, which, if it gives a feeling of euphoria to the point of causing uncontrollable laughter, can also be a source of vomiting, diarrhea, burns. lips and blackouts. Regular practice can even lead to neurological disorders and, as Maeva Ghennam experienced, to paralysis.

Sold freely in cartridges that are used to supply the whipped cream or dry air canisters for computers, nitrous oxide could soon be banned for sale to minors.