Has Maeva Ghenna found love again? The pretty Marseillaise panicked her fans by revealing a snapshot of the one who seems to be her new boyfriend …

When it’s about his love life, Maeva Ghennam is rather discreet in nature. The young woman likes maintain the mystery… A way to fuel the buzz around his person? If this is the case, it is clear that it works wonderfully. Very followed on social networks, the pretty brunette is regularly talked about. And the least we can say is that his latest photo should also spawn a lot of ink.

Maeva Ghennam unveils a cliché that says a lot

It is on Snapchat that the famous Marseillaise is making the buzz today. Indeed, the young lady shared a snapshot of the one who seems to be … her probable boyfriend !

Maeva Ghennam as a couple?  She reveals a snapshot of her darling .... or almost!

But true to herself, Maeva Ghennam took care not to reveal too much. So she hid part of the young man’s face with a big red heart. What still maintain the mystery. Who is this young man? Has Maeva Ghennam found love again?

Maeva Ghennam happier than ever

While her ex, Greg Yega, recently formalized her love affair with Angèle, Maeva Ghennam confided on social networks:

Stop tagging me on all of my ex’s stuff. Every time one of my ex is with a girl, you identify me on it (…)

And explain:

If they’re my exes, it’s because I don’t feel anything for them anymore, otherwise I would have done everything to make us together. They have the right to rebuild their lives, just like I am rebuilding my life.

The young woman said in passing never have been so happy in her life that right now. A confidence which then suggested that the pretty Marseillais was in a relationship.

Maeva Ghennam betrayed by Marvin

Who is then the lucky one ? The mystery hovers… In the casting of the Marseillais against the rest of the world 5, Maeva Ghennam would have fallen under the spell of Marvin, former candidate of Love Island. But while it is rumored that they would have formed a couple, the blogger Aqababe accused the young man of not being sincere with the pretty brunette. According to him, Marvin was only in search of notoriety.

Thus, Aqababe let go on social networks :

Marvin left on the set of the cross without even telling his girl. He arrives on the set of the cross. He gets into a relationship with Maeva Ghennam except that what… The guy had already signed before going in the cross country to make the Princes of Love. So the guy signs to make love princes. He goes on the cross. He gets into a relationship with Maeva… It’s weird anyway. So if Maeva didn’t know… I’d rather tell you.

And to reveal in passing:

He had as a condition to enter the cross two proposals: either create the discord between Mujdat, Milla and him like love triangle. Either he got closer to Maeva Ghennam …

Info or intox ? No one knows… What is certain, however, is that Maeva Ghennam seems to be very happy. It only remains to discover the identity of the one who made him smile again. There is no doubt that his many fans are already leading the investigation!