Caracas Venezuela.

The Venezuelan government released an audio on Tuesday that allegedly links the opposition leader Juan Guaidó with a foiled maritime raid that left 15 detainees as a balance and, at least, 8 dead attackers.

“Guaidó signed a contract for the invasion of Venezuela“the information minister of the South American country, Jorge Rodríguez, said through public television.

“Such is the level of barbarism, of stupidity, of stupidity, who hires some assassins Americans. Here is the whole contract, “added the official, showing an alleged copy of the document.

According to the information, Guaidó, who exercises as head of the Venezuelan Parliament and he is recognized as president commissioned by a fifty countries, negotiated with the US military contractor SilverCorp organizing an expedition that would aim to overthrow the president Nicolás Maduro.

The government of Venezuela has said that the maritime raid that frustrated last Sunday was part of this expedition, which also he intended to murder Maduro, as the president himself pointed out on Monday.

The contract between SilverCorp and Guaidó it would also have been signed by deputy Sergio Vergara, a close collaborator of the opposition leader, and by J.J. Rendón, a recognized communication advisor in the region.

“That is Cíver Alcalá Cordones I wasn’t lying, that there was a written paper, “Rodríguez said, remembering that this ex-military, who faces drug trafficking charges and turned himself in to the justice of United States, said weeks ago that Guaidó had signed a document with a military contractor.

Rodríguez also explained that the contacts between Guaidó and SilverCorp started when the opponent met the representative of the contractor, Jordan Goudreau, during a charity concert in Cúcuta in late February 2019, before the opposition tried to enter Venezuela several tons of humanitarian aid that were piled up in that city.

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Efe could not independently verify the veracity of the audio, while Guaidó, that this same day he telepathically chaired a session of Parliament, did not immediately react to the material.

But Guaidó yes accused today to Maduro government having infiltrated the attackers last Sunday and having “slaughtered” to those involved in this fact.

“They were waiting for them to massacre them … they knew about this and they waited for them to massacre them. Nicolás Maduro, you are responsible, they knew about this operation, they infiltrated them and they waited for them to massacre them, “said Guaidó during the virtual session of Parliament. EFE

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