Caracas Venezuela.

The Armed Forces of Venezuela made Thursday missile tests in La Orchila, an island in the north of the Caribbean country, said the president. Nicolás Maduro, waiting for the arrival of oil tankers from Iran amid tensions with United States.

“We witnessed military exercises (…) on the island of La Orchila, with the proof of missile systems of maximum precision for the defense of waters and coasts “, he expressed Mature during a meeting with the military high command broadcast on state television, without directly mentioning the iranian boats loaded with gasoline and other oil products that target Venezuela.

“We were testing the missile (Russian) Buk, absolute precision (…), a powerful missile, “added the socialist ruler in Fort Tiuna, the largest military complex in Caracas.

The evidence is framed andn military exercises called “Bolivarian Shield “, a permanent deployment ordered in February with which Mature renewed its anti-imperialist rhetoric against Washington, which has increased its pressure on Venezuela as sanctions against the country and its oil industry and by accusing the president of “narcoterrorism”, offering a reward for him.

Juan Guaidó, opposition parliamentary leader recognized by fifty governments – headed by United States- as president in charge of the South American country, he labeled “Bolivarian Shield” of “propaganda exercise. “

On Wednesday, Maduro celebrated the next arrival of the ships from iran, after Tehran warned of “consequences” if United States prevent their arrival at Venezuela.

Is about five tankers, according to press reports, which transport 1.5 million barrels of gasoline.

The fuel shortage in the country, chronic for years in border areas, shot up during the quarantine for the new coronavirus and hit Caracas. It has not yet been announced on what date the ships in Venezuelan waters.

“We are ready for whatever and whenever,” he said. Mature.

Defense Minister General Vladimir Padrino López, assured that the ships “will be escorted” by air and by sea by the Armed Force once they enter the economic zone Venezuelan exclusive.

According to the UN, a country has in its exclusive economic zone sovereignty for the “exploration and exploitation” of resources, but third States have “Freedoms of navigation and overflight”.

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In a statement, Guaidó considered this Thursday thats boats “they will only serve to enrich the dictatorial mafia”, referring to a black market that flourishes with the shortage of gasoline, and “supply for a few weeks” to the population.

The text describes the tensions that have arisen around the ships as a “mount” with which they “pretend to simulate” a “missile crisis, but in the year 2020”.

From October 14 to 28, 1962, missiles installed in Cuba by the dismantled Soviet Union they were discovered by United States, unleashing a serious crisis that made fear a war.

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