Caracas Venezuela.

The Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, called the head of Parliament, the opponent, “fugitive from justice” Juan Guaidó, while insisting on linking him to two frustrated sea attacks last week.

Mature he assured during a meeting that he held with the members of the Presidential Commission for the Prevention of COVID-19 than Guaidó signed a document with the military contractor Silvercorp, whom the Venezuelan authorities claim to have organized the failed armed incursions.

“(The document has) the signature of Juan Guaidó, deputy, fugitive from justice“, said Mature through the cameras of public television VTV.


Venezuela reported last Sunday that it thwarted a maritime invasion through the coasts of the state of La Guaira, close to Caracas, which resulted in the death of eight of the attackers and the capture of two.

A day later, the Government of Mature announced the arrest of others thirteen “mercenaries” on the coasts of the state of Aragua.

The detainees included ex-military Luke Denman and Airan Berry, who indicated in an interrogation that they worked for Silvercorp, led by the also ex-American military man Jordan Goudreau.

Mature today assured that Goudreau operated under the orders of the American president, Donald Trump, a staunch critic of the Chavista leader.


The attorney general of Venezuela, Tarek Saab, reported on Friday that 31 people have been detained for these events, a number that Mature He updated to 34 by reporting three new arrests this Saturday.

Saab also said then that his office issued 22 arrest warrants, not stating that any of them were for Guaidó, who already faces at least 4 investigations by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Guaidó, who has repeatedly denied having signed a contract with Silvercorp, replied on Twitter to the words of Mature recalling that the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) offered last March up to 15,000,000 dollars (13,673,000 euros) for leads leading to its arrest of the president Venezuelan, whom he accuses for alleged narcoterrorism.

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Whereas yesterday, Guaidó challenged to Mature to stop it and described the maritime attacks as “a montage” of the Government.

“They invent new excuses to keep chasing, to stop me. But I tell you something very clear, Mature: if you are so brave, go ahead“, said Guaidó, whom fifty countries recognize as Acting President, in a message broadcast on their networks, the first after several days of silence. EFE