Maduro approved resources to continue its construction


Nicolás Maduro announced this Sunday the approval of resources to “finish” the construction of Line 5 of the Caracas Metro, which has been paralyzed for at least five years.

« We don’t have that money, but we can put it in every month, little by little, to finish Line 5 of the Metro that was paralyzed by the Odebrecht sanctions, » Maduro said.

Maduro informed the authorization of 5,961,000 euros for the reactivation and, on the other hand, approved 579,000 euros for the Puerto Cabello-Barquisimeto-Acarigua-Turén line.

He stressed that the approved capital comes from the Fund for National Development. « We are going slowly but far away with air conduction plans. »

Caracas Metro

Claudio Farías, vice minister of Land Transportation of the regime, said that the Caracas Metro system continues to function thanks to the work of its workers.

« Today the Metro is working but we have that transaction that left this work unfinished, and we have the challenge of Zona Rental, we are talking about a work that lasts eight months, » he said.

On the other hand, he explained that the installation of sleepers on the signaling rails is planned.

« It is the first time in the Caracas Metro that we do a work of this magnitude, and we are going to achieve it, only together will we win, » he said.