Madrid’s dilemma after the Kubo explosion: Cash or future?

Real Madrid have found themselves with an unexpected dilemma. The explosion of Takefusa Kubo, the Japanese footballer of the white entity that is playing the Tokyo Olympics, has generated a doubt in the offices of the Santiago Bernabéu.

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The Japanese has become the star of his team, and of the tournament, in the Games that are held in his country. Japan counts their games by wins and Kubo has scored in all three games for the host team.

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The question for Real Madrid now is whether to take advantage of the fact that the player has appreciated and put in money, as he did with the sale of Achraf, or to keep Kubo as an investment for the future. In this second case, there are two alternatives: that he stays in the white squad to reinforce a team that is not going to have signings, or transfer him to another team in which he will have more opportunities. If he decides the latter, it seems that the Royal Society is the favorite to get his loan, as Martin Odegaard did in his day.

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