Madrid was the one that lost the most population in 2020 in favor of other regions

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid. (Photo: Europa Press News via .)

“Spain begins in Madrid because here comes the best of the world to live in peace and freedom.” This phrase was pronounced on the balcony of Genova Street by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, on the election night in which she managed to revalidate with a great result her mandate at the head of the region.

“If Madrid is so inhumane, drunk, insecure, sexist, racist and unsupportive, why do companies, workers, artists, immigrants, tourists, students insist on coming here?”, He pronounced during the electoral campaign at an informative breakfast.

“That is why there are so many young people from the rest of Spain who come to Madrid to seek opportunities, let alone Catalonia,” he said in an interview days later. “I’m not saying that Madrid is better, but our way of living is different. And it will have something when the citizens choose it ”, he added.

“The people who come to Madrid do not come to be subsidized. (…) The best of all Spain comes to the Community of Madrid ”, he affirmed months before, in The AR Program.

Statements by the Madrid president that have clashed this Wednesday with the data published by the National Institute of Migration Statistics in 2020.

According to this body, the community chaired by Ayuso was, by far, the one that lost the most population last year in favor of other regions, a total of 20,836 people.

In the midst of the pandemic, Madrid far surpassed the second largest population lost, Catalonia, which saw 6,701 people leave this region for other communities.

The communities that gained the most population in 2020 were Castilla-La Mancha, with 8,752; …

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