Madrid City Council will not sponsor the Davis Cup

The Davis cup runs out of one of its official sponsors for the 2021 edition. City of Madrid It will not be part of this category in one of the best tournaments on the planet, as part of the restructuring of a project that, after great sporting results but not so much economic in 2019 and its cancellation in 2020, faces a second edition full of logic uncertainties they must face Kosmos Tennis, promoter of the new Davis, and its president, Gerard Piqué.

As OKDIARIO has learned, the Madrid City Council will continue to collaborate with Kosmos for the Davis Cup, as part of unconditional support to the sporting events that take place in the capital of Spain, but in 2021 it will not do so as an official sponsor. Two years ago, in the first edition of the tournament under its new format, Madrid had the exclusivity at the headquarters level, something that will not continue in a 2021 full of changes and in which, despite the fact that the city will carry the weight, from the consistory they have preferred to collaborate in another way with Davis.

The City Council will not be an official sponsor but he is a collaborator of a tournament that, like the rest of the tennis events on the calendar, faces an edition with a lot of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic. The dates of the Davis Cup, from November 25 to December 5, provoke a certain optimism both within Kosmos Tennis as in the City of Madrid, but the latter do not see it feasible to make the same investment as in 2019, and that it was going to be repeated under normal conditions in 2020.

So he City of Madrid contributed a not inconsiderable amount of 5 million euros as one of the official sponsors of the tournament, an amount that they cannot deliver now for a tournament of which it is not known whether or not it will have an audience, in addition to other modifications that can be be forced due to the presence of the coronavirus. The fact that Madrid is not the only organizing city of the Davis cup has been able to weigh on the decision, although the main reason is the more than probable drop in capacity, which harms the direct economic impact on the capital of Spain.

The City Council grants and prepares the Caja Mágica

The council’s decision has been supported by Kosmos Tennis, who is in a position to seek other official sponsors to accompany Rakuten, main sponsor of the event of the finals of the Davis cup. In return, the City of Madrid will act as a collaborator not only with the transfer of the facilities, in this case the Magic Box, one of the star venues in the city, but also in its conditioning, important for an event that goes far beyond tennis and in which special modifications are needed to carry it out. The commitment is that the collaboration is similar to that of previous years, despite the fact that the investment is not direct in terms of sponsorship but in kind.

This point is part of an agreement that is not yet signed, although it has been approved for months, so that Madrid is the main venue – if not the only one – of the most special tournament on the professional tennis calendar. According to sources consulted by this newspaper, the signing of the contract is awaiting a decisive meeting between the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the president of Kosmos Tennis, Gerard Piqué.

The official announcement could be made in March, the date on whiche Kosmos The selection process of the two cities that will accompany Madrid in the organization of the Davis cup. Cities that will be on the European continent and with an easy air connection with the capital, in which the semifinals and final of the tournament will be played, as well as two groups of the initial phase, including that of Spain, and two quarterfinals, also with the host and current champion, in case she qualifies.

Understanding between Kosmos and the City Council

Gerard Piqué and Kosmos Tennis They work optimistically for an edition that, if there are no changes, will be the last one in the short term with Madrid involved as the venue. As OKDIARIO announced last May, the United States is the great candidate to host the tournament from 2022, after crossing the pond has been impossible in 2021 due to the commitment with the capital of Spain to hold two editions in the territory . Japan It also has options, although the pandemic has been able to change the priorities of both.

So much Kosmos As the City Council works with good understanding and the change in the conditions of collaboration are not a problem for the promoter of the tournament, which ensures outstanding facilities such as those of the Magic Box, with three key indoor courts to host a tournament that, due to dates, is required to be indoors, in addition to the conditioning of these by the Madrid city council. The 5 million provided by the City Council as an official sponsor aim to be replaced by other private agreements so that one of the sporting events that involves the greatest investment continues to be beneficial for the company chaired by Piqué.