Singer Madonna announced in an Instagram post that she tested positive for the coronavirus antibody, so she plans “a long drive” in which she will “roll down the windows to breathe the air with COVID-19.”

“They tested me the other day. I found I had the antibodies so tomorrow, I’m just going to take a long car ride and roll down the windows to breathe. I’m going to breathe the air with COVID-19,” the pop star said in a Instagram post that made several headlines in the U.S. media on Friday.

The singer, 61, made this statement in installment number 14 of a series of videos that she calls “quarantine diary” and in which she has narrated her thoughts during the confinement, some in an ironic tone, while writing them on a machine writing in a dark room.

Despite the claims, Madonna accompanied the post with the slogans “be safe” and “be healthy”.

“Here is the good news: tomorrow will be another day and I am going to get up and feel completely different,” he said.

However, as many followers have recalled, the scientific community has not confirmed that the presence of antibodies in the blood against the new coronavirus implies total immunity to the disease.

This is also stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Check out the video and the singer’s response on social media.

“A positive result shows that you have antibodies that have possibly been developed by the new coronavirus – also called SARS-CoV-2-, or perhaps by another related coronavirus,” CDC reports indicate.

On its information page, the public body clarifies: “It is not clear if these antibodies can provide protection (immunity) against being infected again. This means that the antibodies are not known, at the moment, to generate immunity against the virus.”