Madonna proudly shares a video of her 15-year-old son modeling a tight dress


Photo: Franck Robichon / .

Madonna praised the “confidence” of his adopted son David Banda, 15 years old, in a video that he shared through his social networks where she appears modeling a glamorous designer dress.

The singer filmed David turning his home into his own runway, while this one unapologetically modeled her in a stunning white silk bodycon dress from Mae Couture combined with sneakers of the same color and black glasses.

“Trust is everything”wrote the proud mother in the video that has the song “I’ve got the power” in the background.

At the end of the images, David came to the kitchen where there were more people and highlighted how free he felt.

“I like to wear it, it’s so liberatingDo you know what I mean? ”Exclaimed the young man at the end of the video.

This clip already has more than 1 million reproductions and of course it has received comments highlighting that it has a great talent parading.

The truth is that Madonna broke many limits throughout her career and personal life, and it seems that it is a quality that she has clearly transmitted to all her children.

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