Madonna clarified this Wednesday that she suffered from COVID-19 at the beginning of March, during the end of her tour in Paris and that for this reason she has antibodies detected by the coronavirus tests, a news story by which several media speculated that the singer was ill.

The artist explained this circumstance in an Instagram post in which she also reported that she has just donated $ 1 million to an international aid fund to develop a vaccine and treatments against the disease.

“When you test positive for antibodies it means you have had the virus, which clearly happened to me when I was sick at the end of my tour in Paris more than seven weeks ago,” he said.

In addition, Madonna, 61, noted that the rest of the team that accompanied her in rehearsals and on stage was also ill during that period.

“We all thought we had a very serious flu. Thank God we are all healthy and well now. I hope that clears things up for those who are going too fast! Knowledge is power!” He said.

For her part, this week Madonna was one of the participants in the international donor conference organized by the European Union for the development of new diagnostic methods, treatments and a universal coronavirus vaccine, in which the United States did not participate.

The collection was close to the expected goal of $ 8,000 million, of which around 53% will go to future vaccines, 26% to research new medicines and 20% to develop tests.

She defended herself against all the accusations of her only daughter, Frida Sofía, and gave her version. Watch the video in its entirety here.

In addition to contributions from States and international agencies, personalities such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Portuguese soccer coach José Mourinho and Madonna herself also participated.

Just the week before, the artist made headlines because she confirmed in a video that she had tested positive for a coronavirus antibody test and planned to take “a long car ride” in which “she would roll down the windows to breathe the air with COVID-19 “

Although there was a dramatic and ironic tone in his comment, some followers and the media described Madonna’s words as reckless and speculated that he was suffering from the disease.