Madonna and her butt at the 2021 MTV VMAs

Madonna and her butt at the 2021 MTV VMAs. The Queen of Pop opened this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, proudly showing off her new behind and reminding everyone that she was there from the beginning.

The 63-year-old singer presented the 2021 MTV VMAs and made sure everyone knew he’s still here. Variety reports that in the opening segment the Legendaria del Pop talks about her arrival in NYC:

“I told the taxi driver to take me to the center of everything” – says Madonna in a voiceover while in a cab to Time Square. “I came to New York with nothing more than $ 35 and a pair of dancing shoes … I was 19 years old and terrified.”

“Forty years ago, another homeless man came to New York hoping to create something revolutionary and a music-only channel debuted in the middle of the night and was called MTV. We met and then from there my life changed, the music changed and I created a new art form. That is why there is only one place to be tonight. And they said we wouldn’t last, but we’re still here, motherfuckers! “

Madonna then turned her back and left the stage, then everyone on social media started talking about Madonna’s new butt.

And it is not that it is something new because she had already shown it before. Since 2016 it is said that he enlarged it … Remember when he sang with Ariana Grande? Then when he showed up at the Stonewall and they said they were pillows … LOL! Well … She is happy with her renewed and rounder behind. It was funny when he said “everyone said we wouldn’t last” … MTV stopped being … ok, ok years ago.

Madonna also revealed a new teaser for her upcoming concert film, “Madame X,” which will be available to stream on Paramount Plus on October 8th. Madge is the most decorated artist of the VMAs, with 20 awards, she is known for her iconic performances, including her first performance at the VMAs where she sang “Like A Virgin” and rolled on the floor dressed as a bride and hey, she also showed her butt . LOL!

Whatever! Madonna and her butt at the 2021 MTV VMAs.

Madonna and her butt at the 2021 MTV VMAsMadonna and her butt at the 2021 MTV VMAs

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