Madness in Milwaukee: about 65,000 people around the Fiserv Forum

Mass madness in Milwaukee. Around 65,000 fans gathered during the game around the Fiserv Forum occupying the public spaces surrounding the Bucks’ pavilion. What followed was a massive party.

In the previous matches of the Finals, some 25,000 people had gathered outside the pavilion, but that number was almost nothing compared to the massive following that the sixth and final match had, which converted the surroundings of the Fiserv Forum in a festive demonstration of the first magnitude.

It is somewhat reassuring to think that more than 50% of the population of the state of Wisconsin has received the complete schedule corresponding to the vaccination to face Covid-19, because once again the esplanade of the Fiserv Forum became an endless mass of huddled fans without any distancing and without masks.

A wild party that aimed to continue until the early hours of the morning, putting aside the pandemic and fully clinging to the celebration.

The fans lived the Finals shouting “Bucks in 6” after losing the first two games and that “Bucks in 6” was fulfilled with the fourth consecutive victory for Milwaukee to take the title between the endless bottle, the merriment, the disinhibition and the happiness of the Milwaukee Bucks fans after a wait of half a century.

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