In these weeks when journalism is dying to tell stories that happen on the track, it is time to feed on other types of parties that are just as important. The battle against coronavirus It continues to advance unstoppably day after day, but with initiatives such as the one we have today we are sure that humanity will be able to better bear all this pain and this lack of defenses. Madison Keys, one of the leading faces of the female circuit, is the woman who has put herself at the forefront of a solidarity initiative in Kindness in crisis, a platform that collaborates with the most economically needy people. A report in WTA it explains everything to perfection.

What is Kindness in crisis? A brilliant initiative, in a nutshell. A niche where several professional athletes from different sports modalities come together to focus their power and become a collaborative engine for other people. With that will and that kindness, they reap huge amounts of money that then flow into the homes of the people who are experiencing the worst at the moment, those who do not have sufficient means to get out of this pandemic.

“We are in a time where many of us are experiencing fear and isolation, so I wanted to step forward, offer my help, even if it only means a small gesture. Over the past week, that idea has become so widespread that we are now giving VISA gift cards to people who are fighting against this landscape. The objective that I have with the rest of the athletes is to raise as much money as possible to alleviate all the evil that the COVID-19 has brought us ”, Keys herself details in the article prepared on the web.

Apart from this, Madison has decided to donate a gift card valued at $ 100 to twenty people. Which people? Those that come out of a draw that the United States itself will make with the names of all those participants who seek luck by sending their data to the organization’s mail. WTA Charities, seeing the pull that the proposal was having, it only took a few days to get on the car doubling the bet, announcing that they will match the donation of the Rock Island tennis player, so that finally there will be 40 cards delivered.

“I am delighted that WTA Charities has decided to match the donations we are making, right now we are collecting a lot of money through these initiatives, increasing the impact on people at a really difficult time. Working together to support each other is exactly what we need right now, “said the current number 13 in the world. Among his public auctions, there are several tools that he used at the time at the end of the US Open 2017: slippers, blouse and racket. Other elite athletes like Mikaela Shiffrin or Jessie Diggins have also contributed their signed memories.

Keys’ smile upon seeing that the project works will very soon be the smile of hundreds of homes that will see a little light in this tunnel so dark that it has only just begun. “With the coronavirus causing so much fear, anxiety, social estrangement and isolation, it is now more important than ever that we communicate with each other to provide connection and support to the rest. I am excited to see how other athletes join my efforts, we are all on the same team, “says the American.