Madden NFL 21 shows off next-gen gameplay for the first time

This version of the game will include two redesigns of mobility, repetitions and system to choose plays.

Facing what will be the Madden NFL 21 Premiere on New ConsolesOn December 4, EA Sports released its first gameplay trailer for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, from which 3 fundamental innovations emerge:

New mobility system powered by Next-Gen Stats statistics platform
New replay system with Next-Gen Stats data
New interface to choose plays, focused on star players

The players’ shoulder pads carry devices that keep an absolute record of their movements on the grid and Madden 21 for the new generation will replicate the performance of the models based on this data. “This information now guides all Madden animations, delivering unique acceleration rates, changes of direction and movement for all players on the field. “It is about generating a simulated and smooth gameplay, based on real data from NFL players.

As far as next-gen replays are concerned, this is a visual enhancement that is also based on data from the NFL’s Next-Gen Stats platform and translates into repeats that offer up to 15 different pieces of data for, in theory, decision making. based on statistics displayed during replays.

The new interface for choosing plays promises to be more intuitive and accessibleY the new interface for choosing plays promises to be more intuitive and accessible. To the existing categories, such as plays by formation, by concept, by type, etc., now the tabs of favorite plays and by player are added, which will offer alternatives focused only on key figures of each team

A more detailed breakdown of the graphical improvements, the television presentation improvements, the improvements via DualSense and even the animation improvements was pending, because although it is true that now the players will move based on a series of new and more realistic parameters There has been much debate about the need to replace the current motion capture system with one based on real-time physical simulations.

Both Madden 21 and FIFA 21 will see the arrival of their versions for a new generation on December 4. Both games will benefit from the Dual Entitlement program, which will allow the current versions of these games to be exchanged for new generation ones at no additional cost.

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