Madame Verratti forced to say “Go OM”

Embedded in a reality TV show, Jessica Aidi, alias Ms. Verratti in the city, had to submit to the will of Marseille fans of OM.

The new version of the reality TV show “Les Marseillais”, currently broadcast on W9, notably features Jessica Aidi, the partner of the player of the PSG Marco Verratti. Flanked by the role of “booker” within the framework of the shooting, the young lady chaperones a band of merry southerners supposed to fulfill a series of professional missions with Dubai as a framework this season.

Arrived incognito in the adventure, the young woman was quickly recognized by one of the protagonists, supporter of OM like its congeners. So the presentations did not fail to turn into hazing. “I know you, you are the wife of Marco Verratti”, quickly launched the most physiognomist of the Marseillais. To which Jessica Aidi replied: “I see that you are very knowledgeable and that there is really nothing to hide from you. Indeed, I am the fiancée of Marco Verratti. “

“Come on OM… and Paris! “

“If you want us to work, already basic, we would have to shout” Go OM “,” added the group, amused by the situation. The companion of the Italian midfielder may have tried a pirouette – “And if I say:” Paris is magic “, right? “- she finally had to comply:” Come on OM… and Paris! What to satisfy his audience, hilarious. “A Parisian who says” Go OM “, then nothing can happen to me, I can die in peace,” says one of the candidates.

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