Mad? Isolated and unvaccinated Luis Miguel fears contagion

Mad? Isolated and unvaccinated Luis Miguel fears contagion | Instagram

Went mad? The singer Luis Miguel, has not shown signs of life at any time since 2020, in the latest news it has transpired that the “Sun“He remains totally enclosed by developing a strong fear of contagion from Covid-19.

For many, the “paranoia” of Luis Miguel It has exceeded limits, this, after certain reports reveal that the “Puerto Rican” remains isolated in a hotel in Acapulco.

In the midst of the euphoria that the premiere of the second season has left, the native of San Juan, has caused a great controversy by remaining totally silent.

According to a recent publication, we find out what has happened to the singer, record producer and businessman in these last two years in which he has not been seen anywhere.

Everything seems to indicate, as they reveal that “LuisMi“He decided to completely airs himself with the reason for the pandemic, and although apparently, he decided not to be vaccinated, the interpreter of” When the sun heats up “maintains fairly careful measures to avoid contagion.

According to a friend of the interpreter, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, “he is going through a bad moment on an emotional level”, due to the health crisis, his fear has led him to develop a great “paranoia” for contracting the condition, he fears catching it and losing Voice even disinfects everything and asks for Covid tests from every woman it meets, the source revealed.

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According to details, 51-year-old Luis Miguel has spent much of his time in Mexico, after the break with Mollie in the United States and after making himself known about his new relationship with a Mexican model.

A close friend of the “music star” shared for Tv Notes that Gallego Basteri spent a season first at the home of his great friend, Miguel Alemán and is now in an exclusive hotel in Acapulco, but practically does not leave his room, except when flat out he can no longer and quickly attends the hotel bar.

This is how you take care

According to the informant, the older brother of the Gallego Basteri, Alejandro and Sergio, has dispensed with the mask since he spends most of his time in the suite, he was even caught without it, but they assure that he leaves the room when there are no longer people .

Right now Luis Miguel is accompanied by security elements and a woman who goes to see him twice to spend days with him intimately, according to the publication of Tv Notes.

However, these visits are a whole process since “every time he goes and visits him, Luis Miguel’s security personnel hire people from a company that performs antigen tests, so the woman in question cannot go to the suite without first taking tests to confirm that it is negative and that there are no risks of contagion.

Several weeks ago the name of the new conquest of the “divo de México” was revealed, an Argentine model, Mercedes Villador, although supposedly it has not been confirmed that it is the singer’s visit “since he supposedly arrives and leaves without talking to anyone” , they assure.

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Why are you refusing to get vaccinated?

Apparently, the so-called conspiracy theories have managed to strongly influence the star of the show, which is why he does not believe in vaccines

He is one of the vaccine deniers, he thinks they have a chip with which governments want to control people and he refuses to put it on. He has already been vaccinated for several months in the United States and even in Mexico, since his age allows it, but he flatly refuses.

“Concerned about the bioseries”

However, his emotional crisis is not only reduced to the risks that the considered “greatest artist in Latin America” ​​avoids running without the vaccine, but also because of the second season of the series, which has been strongly criticized and even branded as “boring” and then the rest.

Apparently, the second installment of Luis Miguel: Series 2 would lead to a lawsuit, one is from his former secretary José Pérez, who will sue the plot for defamation, and it should be mentioned, he is not the only one who has spoken of proceeding legally against the interpreter of “The Inconditional”, “I am how I want to be” among many other hits.

It is his daughter, Michelle Salas, who together with her mother, Stephanie Salas, warned about a lawsuit, and it is the legal aspect that primarily concerns her.

On the other hand, a reason that would have discouraged the singer was the separation with Millie Gould of whom they assure relatives, deeply hurt the famous’s ego after the model left him for someone 10 years younger than Luis Miguel, although without a doubt the reason main would be their fear of infection.

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As in the case of Toño Mauri, who is still struggling to overcome the complications of the condition, it would also alert Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri to further feed his fear of the possibility of contracting this condition since he fears that he will not be able to sing again or even, not survive.

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