At 8:00 in Germany:

Retail sales. -12% (monthly) and -14.3% (year-on-year) are expected. Import price index. -1.4% (monthly) and -7.2% (year-on-year) are expected. Rating 3

At 8:00 in the UK, NATIONWIDE index of housing previews. -1% (monthly) and 2.8% (year-on-year) are expected. Rating 2

At 8:45 in France:

GDP (quarterly) (Q1). -5.8% .IPC is expected. Expected 0.1% (monthly) and 0.3% (year-on-year). Consumer spending (monthly). -15% expected. IPP (monthly). Harmonized IPC. 0% (monthly) and 0.3% (year-on-year) are expected. Rating 3

At 10:00 in the Euro Zone:

Private loans. Loans to non-financial corporations (year-on-year). M3 money base (year-on-year). 7.8% is expected. Rating 2

At 10:00 in Italy:

GDP (quarterly) (Q1). -4.7% of GDP is expected (year-on-year) (Q1). -4.8% is expected. Rating 3

At 10:00 in Spain, current account balance. Rating 1

At 10:00 in the United Kingdom, car production (yoy). Rating 2

At 11:00 in the Euro Zone:

Underlying CPI (year-on-year). 0.8% .IPC (monthly and year-on-year) is expected. 0.1% (year-on-year) is expected. Rating 3

At 11:00 in Italy:

CPI. -0.1 (monthly) and -0.1 (year-on-year). Harmonized CPI expected. -0.1 (monthly) and -0.2% (year-on-year) are expected. Rating 1

At 11:45 in Italy, auction of 5 and 10-year debt linked to inflation (BTP). Valuation 3 bond markets only

At 14:00 in Germany, statements by BUCH, vice-president of the BUNDESBANK. Rating 2

At 14:30 in the United States:

Personal income (monthly). -6.5% expected. Personal expenses (monthly). -12.6% expected. Wholesale inventories (monthly). Trade balance of goods. Price index of personal consumption expenditure (PCE) (monthly and year-on-year). Prices of underlying personal consumption expenditure. -0.3 (monthly) and 1.1% (year-on-year) are expected. Rating 3

At 15:45 in the United States, Chicago PMI. Expected 40. Assessment 4

At 16:00 in the United States:

University of Michigan Consumer Expectations. University of Michigan 5-Year Inflation Forecasts. Current University of Michigan Conditions. University of Michigan Inflation Expectations. University of Michigan Consumer Confidence. Expected 74. Rating 3

At 17:00 in the United States, appearance of POWELL, president of the FED. Rating 4

At 19:00 in the United States:

No. of oil platforms, BAKER HUGHES. BAKER HUGHES count of active deposits in the USA. Rating 2