MacPaw’s first VPN is an app for Android and iPhone that promises privacy and geo-unblocking

A new VPN lands in the bloated universe of this type of applications, this time from the hands of MacPaw: the famous Mac developers offer a comprehensive VPN software that is suitable for most platforms, including smartphones. ClearVPN, the name of the app, promises to be private, secure, complete, and very versatile.

VPN apps are becoming more popular as they offer (or are supposed to offer) anything from increased security and privacy to the option of skipping geographic requirements for some services. And MacPaw, creators of the famous Clean my Mac, have decided to develop their own VPN application to serve any user that connects to the Internet. Its app, called ClearVPN, is now available on Android and also on iPhone.

ClearVPN: unblocking services, privacy and IP change

The new MacPaw application aims to complete its security services. And, instead of restricting the use to macOS, the company has launched its VPN as a cross-platform app, both computers and smartphones. This makes the tool easier to access while broadens the range of choice for those looking for a VPN. What does a private app require, with manual selection of locations and prepared to overcome geographic restrictions? ClearVPN can be an option.

The app has gone live today with the usual services of its kind: ClearVPN promises maximum privacy, allows to block ads, adds a layer of security to the Internet connection, enables access to Netflix catalogs from other countries and many more options.

Aside from focusing on the two main building blocks of a VPN (geo-unblocking and privacy), ClearVPN has shortcuts that offer very specific actions. For example, it is possible to unblock the American catalog of Netflix or HBO Max, avoid malware or tracking while browsing, secure chat rooms and other specific controls. When activated, the application will establish specific settings so as not to hinder the generic use of the phone while eliminating the desired limitation.

As is mandatory in applications of its kind, ClearVPN opens a tunnel connection through which all the information we send over the Internet will pass, with the privacy risk involved. Under our first tests, we have appreciated that transfers lost a remarkable speedPerhaps due to the premiere and due to a possible saturation. Even so, the general operation is at a very good level.

ClearVPN is a paid application that offers free access on a limited basis: this is restricted to a few shortcuts and locations. Regarding the cost of ‘premium’ access, ClearVPN offers a monthly subscription of 12.99 euros per month and 94.99 euros per year. As a promotion, you can get a free month using the code ‘CLEARVPNGO’. To redeem it you need to register on the web and enter it in the account from the browser.



MacPaw’s first VPN is an app for Android and iPhone that promises privacy and geo-unblocking