macOS Monterey will make erasing your Mac easier than ever

The new version of Apple’s operating system for desktop computers, macOS Monterey, will make restoring your Mac to its factory state a very easy and risk-free task for the user.

macOS Monterey will incorporate a new option in System Preferences that allows you to delete all data and installed applications without erasing the operating system.

Owners of iOS devices have had a similar configuration in Settings for years that allows you to reset all the settings in just a few steps.

In the case of macOS, the procedure is not so easy. To leave the Mac in “factory” state, it is necessary to restart the computer, access the Disk Utility to clear the data and then follow the wizard to reinstall the system.

Now, thanks to the benefits of macOS Monterey and the encryption of computers with Apple Silicon or T2 chip, the system will be able to delete the data “instantly” by destroying the encryption keys.

How to factory reset a computer with macOS Monterey?

Universal Control, one of the new functions of macOS Monterey

The procedure to leave the factory computer will be very simple and will not require a restart or access to the Disk utility. Of course, it is recommended in all cases to have an updated backup of the system.

The feature will be available within System preferences when macOS Monterey launches to the public this fall. Right now, in the first beta version this feature is not available.

There are many reasons to factory reset your Mac. Although Apple computers tend not to perform very well over the years, erasing data and apps can help fix some issues.

Furthermore, in some cases it is advisable to erase all data and settings from the computer. In macOS Monterey it can be done easily and quickly. For example, when giving away, donating or selling a computer.

The Cupertino company recommends that, in the event that a computer becomes the property of another person, it is disconnected from iCloud and iMessage, the NVRAM is restored, the Bluetooth devices are unlinked and finally, that the entire hard disk be erased and the system reinstalled.

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