macOS Monterey has some exclusive features for the Mac M1

macOS Monterey will be available in the fall for a large number of Macs. Many of the models with Intel processors will also upgrade to Apple’s new desktop operating system. However, some of the functions that the company announced during WWDC 2021 will be exclusive for those teams with an M1 chip.

Apple enabled a section on its website where macOS Monterey features are detailed. Several of the functionalities have a small number to locate additional information in the fine print, which can be seen at the bottom of the page. Some of these points inform about the “Compatibility with Mac computers that have the M1 chip”.

One of the unique features for Macs with an M1 chip is the portrait mode in FaceTime, a feature that is also available on iOS and iPadOS, and that allows you to blur the background when making video calls. Apple computers with Intel processors will also not be able to use the Live Text feature, which allows you to extract text from images and photos for copying, translation, or other actions.

Apple also limits the functionality of Maps and Keyboard Dictation on Intel Macs.

Regarding the new features of Apple Maps, Macs with x86 architecture (Intel) they will not be able to use the interactive globe in 3D or enjoy the detailed view in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York or London.

The text-to-speech feature, which will arrive in new languages ​​with macOS Monterey, is also exclusive to Macs with M1. Users who own a Mac with an Intel processor will also not be able to use the keyboard dictation without internet connection and with unlimited reading.

It is common to find limited software features on some models. Apple usually brings its updates to a large number of devices, some of them with components that are not capable of supporting the new functions. The company, instead of withdrawing the software version, limits the features not compatible so that the user can continue to enjoy the most of their equipment.

In the case of Macs with Intel processors, the Cupertino firm has not confirmed why these functions are only available on computers with an M1 chip. Fortunately, Universal Control compatibility, Safari improvements, and all the privacy-related news coming to macOS Monterey are maintained.

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