Machine Gun Kelly has experienced paranormal phenomena at Megan Fox’s home

Megan fox.

Photo: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Machine Gun Kelly He can’t sleep when he stays overnight at his girlfriend’s house Megan foxBut not precisely for the reasons the rest of the world might imagine. Since the actress moved into her new home, he has witnessed paranormal phenomena, such as doors that close on their own while they are sleeping with no blast of air to blame, and it is not his imagination.

On one occasion, Megan called him very upset to explain that she had locked herself in her room because there was an intruder in the house, but when he came running to her aid, she found no one.

“I had a gun to make sure everyone was safe and I went around the house with the gun and then we realized that what we needed was a Ghostbusters. I was not equipped to deal with that enemy. Of that we realized later, that we were looking for a culprit that did not exist ”, has revealed in the program of Ellen DeGeneres.

In reality, the musician is convinced that his own mansion is also haunted, although those presences with which he lives do not bother him as much as those that hang around his girl’s house.

“Everyone who comes and stays past seven in the afternoon says, ‘Yeah, there’s definitely something in your kitchen.’ But I have come to realize that they are like high-level ghosts. They are always making sandwiches or washing dishes, they only do things in the pantry or the fridge, so sometimes I thank them ”.

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