Machín aims to repeat eleven against Real

RO Pancorbo Gasteiz Journalist

Machin you are satisfied with the evolution of your Alaves, which has been placed in the temperate zone of the table after adding nine points in the five rounds that he has already chained without losing. The team is currently passing the current difficult phase of the calendar with flying colors. Add four points against Valencia (1-1) and Real
Madrid (1-2) is not available to everyone. Now after winning at the Alfred
Stefano those of Zidane
, seeks a new prestigious triumph, this time against the leader, the Real

Given the remarkable performance and the upward line that his team offers in the last month and a half, the Soriano hints that he will choose to continue.

Even, in the previous match against the txuri urdin, he clearly pointed towards the possibility of repeating the eleven that defeated the Real
Madrid. “There is a saying that indicates that what is going well is not necessary to touch and, as I usually say, the coach makes the alignments, but there comes a time when footballers get on and off themselves with their performance,” he said.

He likes how his squad has progressed. “We are showing a good level with those who have been playing lately and I do not know whether to say in the starting eleven or in the most common, but there are already players who are consolidating in those positions,” he said in a clear message. These words invite the starters to keep the same line and the rest of the squad to clench their teeth to earn a spot in the starting lineup.

If he repeats eleven, in the derby they will start Fernando Pacheco; Ximo Navarro, Laguardia, Lejeune, Rubén Duarte; Jota Peleteiro, Battaglia, Tomás Pina, Luis Rioja; Joselu and Lucas Pérez; with a 1-4-4-2 that can be adapted to other drawings depending on the needs of the meeting.

Stay alert

In addition to the logical praise for the remarkable level shown, the technician also sent several messages to prevent his pupils from falling into a dangerous euphoria. “If by the fact of taking a long time without losing and winning at Real
MadridWe believe that now we are better than five days ago, we would be wrong ”, he warned. “Many times I have said that praise weakens the group and its performance,” he remarked.

For all this, it trusts the mental maturity of its staff. “The group is clear that we must not lower the involvement to have options to win and compete, which is the first objective,” he stressed convinced that, if his team “gives its one hundred percent and competes at the highest level, it is capable of win anyone ”.

Oyarzabal injury

The fireproof captain txuri-urdin has been broken. After being injured in the crash against him Rijeka, you will miss between two and four matches. According to the medical report offered by the Real
Society, suffers a “grade one injury at the proximal level of the right semitendinosus muscle.” His absence is undoubtedly a setback for his team, which faces a phase of the calendar very full of commitments.

Of all this he will try to take advantage of Alaves, which only disputes The league, so he has had more time to prepare a derby to which he arrives with very high morale after winning at Real
Madrid. “It is evident that Oyarzabal is a benchmark, one of the most important players in the Real, but his team has many good players to supply him ”, he warned Pablo