She has never had her tongue in her pocket and especially talking about sex has never scared her! Macha Méril, 80, makes a few confidences about her libido!

At 80, she feels desirable and she shouts it loud and clear. The actress Macha Méril does no complex about his age, quite the contrary. Indeed, the widow of Michel Legrand, says she feels much better about herself at 80 rather than 30 years old. Sexual level, she is fulfilled because she has not drawn a line over it quite the contrary.

Naughty confidences she made in the columns of our colleagues from the Parisian, on the occasion of her return on stage, in a play called La Sorcière. This play has been playing since September 15 at the Poche-Montparnasse theater.

I assure you that I am a much more interesting woman now, and even desirable, I do not see why the sexuality would stop. My book Biography of an ordinary sex, I would have to rewrite it because we don’t experience our sexuality in the same way at 30, 40 or 50 years old… And after. Because it continues, that’s the good news.

Sexuality has never been a taboo for Macha Méril. She has often spoken of it openly and without blushing. A straight talk that made its popularity.

Macha Méril and Michel Legrand, a love story with a capital A

This is the first time that Macha Méril has returned to the stage since the disappearance of her beloved. In January 2019, the composer left, leaving behind a grieving woman. Together, they lived four years of more than passionate love. Machal Méril has always said that Michel Legrand was his great love. A passion that materialized late, therefore, but which did not prevent the two lovebirds from living as teenagers.

The love story between Macha Méril and Michel Legrand is quite atypical. Indeed, the two lovers met in 1964! It was in Brazil, on the sidelines of a film festival that they saw each other for the first time. A story worthy of the greatest romance novels. Love at first sight took place instantly. But at the time, both were not available. Michel Legrand was married and the father of three children. Macha, meanwhile, was engaged! Everyone went their own way and finally, fate had fun bringing them together.

It took fifty years for the composer of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg and the beautiful actress to meet again. Michel Legrand proposed to her immediately. No longer wanting to waste time with the woman he had loved for decades in secret.

Macha Méril talks about her sexuality at 80Michel Legrand and Macha Méril