Macarena Olona portrays herself with the PSOE tweet that she has published to attack Sánchez

The tweet with which Macarena Olona has attacked the PSOE. (Photo: Macarena Olona (Twitter))

The deputy of Vox Macarena Olona wanted to attack the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, at the last minute of this Monday, but the play has not gone entirely well.

Olona tried to criticize the socialist leader by writing on his Twitter account that Sánchez would have said that “before the summer, 70% of the population will be vaccinated.” “He lied. What did you expect? ”, He added to the publication.

With the intention of giving more force to his criticism, the far-right politician shared a publication of the PSOE on May 11, almost before the summer. However, the effect was completely the reverse: she portrayed herself.

The PSOE tweet said that “in August we will have 70% of the population vaccinated and group immunity will have been achieved.” In addition, it was highlighted that “vaccination is the only tool to end the pandemic.”

Precisely, that Olona rescued a tweet from the PSOE where it says that in “August” 70% of the vaccinated population will have been reached and not “before summer” has attracted attention.

This past weekend, the exact same thing happened to Teodoro García Egea, since the general secretary of the PP stated that “Sánchez said that he was going to vaccinate 70% of the population before the summer. We would have been happy if he had fulfilled it because it would have been very good for Spain, but unfortunately the Spaniards have failed again ”.

Sánchez has always defended that 70% of the vaccinated population would be reached by the end of August, not at the beginning of summer. On April 6, he announced that 33 million Spaniards would be vaccinated by the end of August.

The Prime Minister explained the vaccination rate and specified that five million people would be vaccinated before May 3; 25 million would do so in the week of July 19 and 33 million at the end of August, which would represent 70% of the population.

In addition, several months before that April 6, in December 2020, the former Minister of Health, Salvador Illá, already referred to the end of summer as the date on which Spain would reach that 70% of the vaccinated population.

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