Macarena Achaga, who played Michelle Salas, said that she spoke with her and that she knew what would come out in “Luis Miguel, La Serie”

The second season of the series about Luis Miguel It has raised blisters, like the first, for the way in which it documents the singer’s relationships with members of his family and with other celebrities, whose identity is often ‘hidden’ behind false names. Between this, the relationship with his daughter Michelle Salas. Macarena Achaga, the actress who plays the model, confessed that she spoke with her before recording “Luis Miguel: La Serie” and that Luis Miguel’s daughter knew everything that would come out there, according to the actress told the program Ventaneando.

Many of these real people have been offended by the portrait that is made of them, including for example Patricia Manterola, who is not difficult to identify as the ‘inspiration’ to create the character of Paola Montero, one of the protagonist’s love interests. Michelle Salas, the daughter of the Sun of Mexico, also spoke out a few days ago against the production to clarify that she considers it very unfair that her life is used and her story without her authorization, “explicitly sexualizing” her and “distorting” reality in the pursuit of drama. Macarena confessed that she spoke with Michelle to prepare her character.

The new episodes have placed the spotlight on her to address his first approach with Luis Miguel in adolescence, after years without speaking, and also address the alleged affair he had with his father’s former manager, Alejandro Asensi, played by actor Mauricio Ambrosi. Now Macarena Achaga, the actress who gives life to Michelle, has confirmed that she contacted her before starting the recording and that she knew what would come out there, but it also recognizes that Michelle was not involved in the creative process. He also added that he did not want attention to be diverted to that detail of whether or not it was a surprise for Michelle but in the fact of having given life to this character.

“In my process of creating the character I spoke with Michelle but this creation of the character is mine and that of the directors ”, he explained in an interview with the program ‘Ventaneando’, in which he insisted that he hopes to do him justice by showing his maturity process.

“I had a very clear vision of how Michelle had to be, that of fiction, and for me she is a woman who will just learn to be strong, to be a pillar, to be independent ”.

The interpretation of Michelle Salas has made both she and her mother Stephanie Salas feel rejection by intimate and sexual scenes where it appears Luis Miguel’s daughter having relations with his manager. For this reason, Stephanie was very supportive of her little girl after the latter will publish an open letter for having aired part of his private life: “… I find it reprehensible, unnecessary and in bad taste, the way in which the creative and involved people of the second season of the series of Mr. Gallego, my daughter’s father, have portrayed the image of my daughter Michelle”, Stephanie stressed .

In the scene played by Macarena Achaga The actress is seen totally naked pretending to have an intimate contact with the one who would be the manager of Luis Miguel for that moment, played by actor Mauricio Ambrosi.

There is no doubt that this generated a great noise both in Michelle and in her maternal family, who consider that Michelle’s privacy was violated.

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