M-Sport ends up satisfied with the first tests of its hybrid ‘Rally1’

M-Sport has not only been the structure that has completed the rally pyramid first of all by having a car in each category, but also has taken the lead in the development of its ‘Rally1’. The Cumbrian coach starts with an advantage in direct comparison with Toyota and Hyundai, since M-Sport has already completed the first tests with a test mule very close to the final configuration of its ‘Rally1’. After a first shakedown inside the training facilities, M-Sport moved to the woods of Greystoke to shoot on gravel. Matthew Wilson was commissioned to complete this first actual testing session.

Although the words of Malcolm Wilson’s son after getting in the car were hopeful, in M-Sport they have kept calm when assessing the first sensations offered by your hybrid ‘Rally1’. Nevertheless, satisfaction reigns in M-Sport after analyzing the data that have been collected during these two tests, since the level shown by the test mule of his ‘Rally1’ has been positive. The performance of this provisional test mule with the 1.6 turbo engine of the current car generation and the hybrid component was as expected, drawing a smile on the team’s engineers, technicians and mechanics.

The M-Sport team completes the first test of its ‘Rally1’ in GreystokeRead news

In the end, the M-Sport hybrid ‘Rally1’ test mule pass a car designed from a blank sheet of paper And that has little or nothing to do with the Ford Fiesta WRC, beyond the fact of sharing a 1.6 Turbo engine that will debut new features in Croatia before the homologation of the final engine that will mount the ‘Rally1’ in the WRC 2022. Its own Malcolm Wilson has highlighted this work from scratch by all the members of M-Sport, since suspension, electronics, powertrain, chassis and also bodywork are new, the model finally chosen to base the vehicle being indistinct.