M Pokora is on vacation with her family in France. He posed in a jersey of his favorite soccer player.

M Pokora and Christina Milian have been on vacation for several weeks. The singer loves football and has struck a pose with his favorite jersey.

M Pokora was to resume his Pyramid Tour tour last March in France. However, the singer had to postpone all his dates because of the Covid-19. He was confined for several months in Los Angeles.

Matt was in his forties in Los Angeles, but he got through it pretty well. Indeed, it allowed him to spend more time with Christina Milian. Then, he was able to take care of his few months old son, Isaiah.

However, M Pokora wasted no time getting on the plane after confinement. So, he’s been in France for several weeks and he’s having fun. Indeed, ihe went to the South for a few weeks with Christina Milian, Violet and Isaiah.

The singer was able to see his relatives again and he does even one of his favorite sports: soccer. The singer is having fun and he strikes a pose with a jersey of his favorite player.

M Pokora, a big fan of Giroud!

Mr. Pokora played football for several years and he even wanted to make it his profession. So, he played in Strasbourg when he was younger and he loves this sport. Moreover, since he is in France, he does not hesitate to play a few matches.

The singer has fun playing football and it allows him to relax. He very often shares his matches on Instagram and Christina Milian’s darling can finally make his second passion. Besides, he took posing with a jersey of his favorite player.

M Pokora is French and has therefore always supported the France team. So, the latter is a big fan of Giroud and he does not hide it. Indeed, Tuesday, August 11, the singer took the pose with the jersey.

So, Giroud is the favorite football player of Matt and he supports him. We suspect that the player will be happy to soon be able to find the striker in the next matches.

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