While M Pokora celebrates three years of meeting the beautiful Christina Milian, their fans wonder how they met!

This Sunday August 2, M Pokora and Christina Milian celebrates a new year in their relationship. On occasion, fans wondered how the two lovebirds had done to meet.

A few months ago, M Pokora answered this famous question. While he was confiding in the release of the TV movie “The first forgotten” with Muriel Robin, he confided on his couple.

At first, M Pokora confided to his fans that he had met Christina Milian in Saint Tropez. Astonishing news given that the pretty brunette lives in the United States. The two had a love at first sight.

They met at a party when he was spending their vacation. This year, they have also decided to return to this place that linked them. On her Instagram account, Christina Milian has also unveiled a beautiful message to her darling.

M Pokora: his darling Christina Milian makes a beautiful declaration of love

For her three years with M Pokora, the mother also revealed: “3 years and 4 summers ago, I met my best friend, my birthday twin. And an missing piece to my puzzle same here. In the same place we are today (@loperasttropez) ”.

The singer also added to the singer: “When we met, I been literally blown away the second I laid eyes on him. And I had no idea if I would even be her type! “.

The mom also told the artist: “But somehow we find out that we have the same birthday. This transformed a physical attraction honest into an uncontrollable chemical reaction ”.

Finally, she also concluded: “(…) I love our family. And I’m so glad we took this chance on us! I love you baby ! “. A nice message full of love!

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