Lyon played an unusual situation. This Sunday, the club issued an official statement in which it belies the statement of its own president, Jean Michel Classes, who had said that the Champions League would return on August 7, with the French team’s departure against Juventus, for the return of the round of 16 in Turin.

“Olympique Lyonnais would like to clarify that the date of the match between Juventus and Lyon, in the Champions League, has not yet been set, contrary to what was previously suggested. The date of this game should be confirmed as part of the final stage planning. of the Champions League, which will be announced directly by UEFA soon, “says the statement issued by Lyon.

UEFA, responsible for organizing the Champions League, has not yet announced the date on which the competition will resume. It is expected that the tournament, whose phase is in the round of 16, will be concluded by the end of August.

In the note, Lyon also said they would be at a disadvantage compared to their opponents in the Champions League. This is because, unlike the major leagues in Europe, the French Championship was declared closed in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic and the team therefore decided not to train again.

“Lyon regrets, however, having to fight with a different preparation than their European competitors, who essentially have already resumed training.” The club understands that it will not have an adequate preparation in relation to the opponents in the European knockout, as Juventus, opponent of the French team in the game of return of the octaves and that already resumed the activities in its training center. The first leg ended 1-0 for the French team.