Lyn May gave a strong opinion about Belinda and says: “She is very skinny and sings ugly”

The controversial star Lyn may he went with everything to Belinda after a reporter questioned her about the singer’s recent engagement to Christian Nodal.

His words did not even answer the topic, but they did He made it clear that he is not one of his favorite artists, since he assured that he does not like his physique or his voice because he considers them “flat”.

“Don’t talk to me about Belinda, because I don’t like her. She is very skinny and sings ugly. I do not like it”, He expressed during his passage through the black carpet of the show“ Sie7e ”, a musical work directed by Sergio Mayer.

“I don’t like fat or skinny, or anything. I just don’t fall for itI never see her, I’ve never seen her It makes me gray”, He expanded on his arguments about Nodal’s fiancée.

Immediately the question arose about if I was jealous of Belinda To which he continued to express his rejection of her and assured that he had nothing to envy him, not even the $ 3 million ring that Christian gave him.

“Jealous of whom? If I have men, some good notes. They have given me rings, but beautiful rings, ”he said.

Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, the actress’s real name, has always been characterized as a woman who is not afraid to give her opinion on people and on this occasion It was Belinda’s turn to receive his blunt comments.

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