Lyn May. Explode against fake news about death; accuses Carmen Salinas

Lyn May, actress and vedette, is one of the celebrities who is regularly the victim of fake news. Information began to circulate yesterday that assured that he was facing serious health problems and that he had even died. For this reason, the also dancer broke the silence, explained how she is and accused Carmen Salinas of being responsible for spreading false information.

In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante in De Primera Mano, Lyn May revealed that he is in good health. He assured that he is waiting for the vaccine against the coronavirus, covid-19.


For this reason, she commented that it makes her laugh that there are people who spread rumors about her life, while she enjoys the beach.

« People who don’t love me say whatever they want but it makes me laugh because I run on the beach, enjoying my mother, my brothers, my family and waiting for them to call me for the vaccine, » he said. Lyn May.

In addition, as if that were not enough, Lyn May accused Carmen Salinas of being responsible for spreading the rumors about her death. He commented that Carmelita has changed a lot since she became involved in politics.

“I love Carmen Salinas very much but you know that suddenly she does not know you, I have been with her for many years, of loving her very much, I admired her a lot, I thought she was the best comedian in Mexico, I admired her and I still admire her, but It is difficult when she got into politics when she was a senator or a deputy, she wants to be President and she has changed a lot. She is elitist, I am already very low, she walks with pure politicians as a friend ”, he assured.