Lydia Lozano leaves ‘Save me’ crying and regretting having talked about an argument with a colleague: “I’m pissed off with myself”

This Tuesday has not been the best day for Lydia lozano in Save me, because the team has shown some insults to his colleagues that his official Twitter account has retweeted. For this reason, the talk shows have pointed out the bad work that the journalist does in networks, but This matter has led to other issues that have ended with the departure of the collaborator in tears.

Jorge Javier Vázquez has assured that this Twitter profile, carried by an acquaintance of hers, it has cost him to lose a friendship to the gathering. After much insistence, they have revealed that it was a man who went to their wedding, and Lydia has gone into a rage thinking of who they were talking about.

The journalist believed that it was Omar Suárez, one of the most recognized reporters of Sálvame and also a contributor to Lecturas magazine. Lozano has pointed out that it would have been he who would have told it, but Belén Esteban has pointed out that he has never spoken badly about Lydia.

However, Jorge Javier Vázquez has revealed that the person they said had broken their friendship on Twitter was not Omar Suárez, and Laura Fa has provoked the anger of her partner by saying that she knew who it was.

But Twitter has been in the background and, since it has been she who has spoken about her problem with the reporter, they have asked him to tell it. “Yes I talk to Omar, but I had a problem with him, we had a big fight. Even so, we are still friends, “said the journalist.

As explained, the problem arises because Omar Suárez wanted to interview him for your section on Readings and she refused. However, later he asked her again in the middle of the pandemic, and she agreed and was on the cover of the magazine.

“We had a very big fight. We distance ourselves a little“, Lydia Lozano has confessed. But then, Omar Suarez, who was in Barcelona to speak with Antonia Dell’Atte, has gone live to give his version.

Friendship is not like before, but I do not consider that we are not friends“, he assured.” The interview was an anecdote, I asked him if he wanted to give me an interview for my section. “

According to the reporter, she told him she didn’t give interviews because she doesn’t want to be a character, but he got angry because he has granted them to other colleagues: “We talk and shout in front of other people“.

“Lydia Lozano has treated me phenomenally. Due to circumstances we have distanced ourselves,” he argued. “I have never reported any problem with any partner. Someone explain to me why Lydia Lozano has brought up this topic. “

Lydia Lozano leaves crying

Shortly after, Lydia Lozano has left the set crying and, when Jorge Javier Vázquez asked her, she She was sorry for having talked about her estrangement with Omar Suárez: “I should not have told him, I love him very much.”

“I have explained that I screwed up“, confessed the journalist, who was next to Kiko Matamoros who was comforting her.”I’ve screwed her up, I’m pissed off with myself“.

Later, the gathering has returned to his place and Omar has returned to speak, aware that she had had a bad time: “You have apologized to me, I accept them. Nothing happensEven so, she has also clarified that “there are other reasons for her distancing”: “If she wants, let her tell it.”