Palmeiras is following the health recommendations of the state of São Paulo and maintains the isolation of its employees and players, who are following a training routine passed by the technical committee. Coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo, in fact, has been doing some lives on social networks, either with Palmeiras or with personal friends to inform fans and also tell stories of the past.

Técnico said it is now possible to see even more social inequality in the country (Agência Palmeiras / Divulgation)

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This Wednesday afternoon, the guest was Zico, with whom he has worked and, even, is the godfather of his daughter. Luxembourg took advantage of the first part of the conversation to talk about Brazil’s social disparity, which is being even more wide open with the coronavirus pandemic.

– The government’s concern is political. I think that governing is managing. The United States, the world’s largest power, manages to lead war of all kinds, but now a virus is coming and they were not prepared for it. It was the country that most people died. They took refrigerated trucks to put the bodies in because there was no place to put the bodies – he started before talking about the situation in Brazil: – People talking about Brazil, saying that hospitals are out of vacancies. But, wait, how many years have we heard that patients die or stay in hospital corridors in public health? For me, the most serious thing, which shows our social disparity, is (…) isolation, for us, of course we are in difficulty, staying 65 days inside the house, without getting around, used to leaving the house to work , do you miss. It is good that you help the boss to wash a dish, do this and do that.

– Now imagine isolation for most of the Brazilian population, who live on the curve of misery. Imagine a shack in any community, of 15 square meters, with a guy, his wife, plus five, six, seven, eight children, having to be in isolation. He looks at the refrigerator, he cannot go to work, he has nothing to eat, he looks at the television and he has nothing to see, he does not have an internet, he has nothing. The majority of the population is experiencing this. Then you see that the social disparity is very large – he added.

The coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed competitions worldwide, in addition to several other economic activities. In Brazil, there are almost 272,000 confirmed infections, in addition to 17,983 deaths, according to official data released last May 19, at night.

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