The last four Paulista Championship titles won by Palmeiras happened when Vanderlei Luxemburgo was the coach of the team. In his fifth spell at the club, the coach has the same philosophy: it is necessary to kick-start the season by raising the state.

– Palmeiras is in my story, it is here with me, kept. I want to win and the first championship I want to win is Paulista, because you will not think about winning a Brazilian or a Libertadores or World Cup or Brazil Cup if you are not playing – started in a video published by TV Palmeiras.

– I want to win the Campeonato Paulista and the players already know that. And, within Paulista, we played the first phase of the Libertadores, which is to qualify for the eighth round. So, we are committed to winning Paulista and thinking about Libertadores to continue in the competition. My head is turned together with the players for that first moment, to prepare the team to win the Paulista.

Coach is in his fifth spell at Palmeiras (Photo: Agência Palmeiras / Disclosure)

Photo: Lance!

Until the competition stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, Palmeiras had been fulfilling its goal. With two victories in two games at Libertadores, he was vice-leader of group B at Paulista, tied in points with Santo André (19), best among all teams in the general campaign.

Speaking of state, Vanderlei Luxemburgo also remembered the last conquest with Palmeiras, the Paulista of 2008. At that time, he was an important character in the locker room in the game of the final against Ponte Preta.

– I turned to the players and said: ‘Do you have any doubt that you will win the championship? I do not have. I go strong in this and give the champion belt to each one of you, I have no doubt. We will leave here champions, but you have to believe that here ‘. I tease, stimulate, play up.

– It goes into Marcos’ emotional very strong. He receives that message from me and transmits it to the players. Because Marcos came from defeats, not defeats of his quality, but from mistrust if he was Marcos or not, because he was on Diego Cavalieri’s reserve, he wasn’t playing. So, for him it was also a different possibility and he ends up helping me in the lecture (lecture before the game) – he finished.

In total, alviverde has 22 state titles, behind Corinthians (30), tied with Santos (22) and ahead of São Paulo (21).

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