LUX 015 to crown the first LUX warrior champion

Erik silva Y Daniel “Danger” Vega are measured in the co-star fightMarco Elpidio go back to the cage LUX to face the Costa Rican Jafet Herrera

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon._ Tani torres and Saray Orozco will play the first final of the Warriors LUX Tournament in a historic strawweight fight (115 pounds) that opens a new stage for the championships of MMA in the region.

It is the first time that a female fight has headlined an MMA card in Latin America and it will have unprecedented coverage worldwide.


Orozco (6-4) reached the final of the tournament after beating Yajaira “Choco” Romo Y Alejandra Orozco by unanimous decision, while Torres (4-0), who made his transition to MMA after an extensive career in the Muay thai, debuted in the tournament with a decision victory over Laura Zamora and subsequently earned his place in the final with a TKO victory over Yaneth Vidal.

“My camp has been very demanding. I have a great work team and even a nutritionist at home (her boyfriend, the also fighter Allan Domínguez), so he arrived with great preparation for this final and I do not expect anything less than the belt ”, He said Orozco, who is part of the camp Samurai.

In order to Tani Torres (4-0), who has worked hard for this commitment, together with figures of the stature of Daniel Zelhuber, this is an opportunity you cannot miss.

“This tournament opens up many possibilities for athletes in the region. I made my transition from Muay Thai to MMA recently and now I have the opportunity to get a belt. I can’t be more motivated ”, Torres affirmed that she remains undefeated in her career within the MMA.

LUX 015 will take place on Friday, August 6 at the Monterrey Show Center, which has been the headquarters of LUX Fight League since 2020.

But although the first belt LUX Warriors will be at stake, there are other significant fights on the card, such as the co-star duel in which the Venezuelan Erik Silva (6-1) will seek to earn his chance at the featherweight title of LUX Fight League, measuring itself to the always dangerous Daniel “Danger” Vega (12-5-1).

Also one of the old acquaintances of the MMA Mexican, Marcos Elpidio (11-4) returns to the cage of LUX after his debut in front of the ex UFC Marco “Polo” Reyes, to face the Costa Rican threat Jafeth Herrera (3-1).

Elpidio replaces the former TUF Alejandro “Pato” Martínez, who came out of the fight with an injury.

Already in activity of LUX Challenge, in the main fight, in a 135-pound match Pedro “Xolo” Peña will face Kevin Morales.

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LUX 015

Tani Torres vs. Saray Orozco (115 pounds)

Daniel “Danger” Vega vs. Erik Silva (145 pounds)

Jafet Herrera vs. Marco Elpidio (135 pounds)

Irvin Amaya vs. Antonio ‘Malilla’ Rodríguez (135 pounds)

Francesco “Baby Face” Pattern vs. Erik Radleim (135 pounds)

Edgar “Cebollero” Delgado vs. Antonio “Dragon” Rodríguez

Luis Rey Gallegos vs. Benjamin Mendez


Pedro ‘Xolo’ Peña vs. Kevin Morales (135 pounds)

Victoria Alba vs. Mariana Ramírez (125 pounds)

Mario Tena vs. Mauricio ‘Dragon’ Nievas (135 pounds)

Luis ‘Niño Azteca’ Rodríguez vs. Alejandro ‘Tití’ Villarreal (125 pounds)

José Roura vs. Abraham ‘Savage’ Nava (135 pounds)

Fernando Oliva vs. Anuar Aburto Quiroga (185 pounds)


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