Lurid details of Enrique Guzmán’s alleged abuse of his granddaughter Frida Sofía

Many have been the conflicts that have arisen in recent years between Alejandra Guzman And your daughter Frida sofia, the latter has made strong statements about her mother and the upbringing that she gave her. Addictions, abandonment, abuse and some other details that have been brought to light Frida. Recently, during the program Wake up America Both had a public conversation by phone and everything seemed to indicate that the way of reconciliation had been opened.

Hours later, “The Queen of Rock” from Mexico Through his work team, he revealed his discomfort with the production of the program of Univision. This somewhat alienated fans’ hopes for both of them for a mother-daughter rapprochement. Now Frida sofia accused his grandfather Enrique Guzman of sexual abuse, but the details that it offered are those that have impacted many.

“I start to tremble, because I have a lot to say about that … (Guzmán) was a very disgusting man, very abusive, he always scared me, he did ugly things to me … He groped me since I was five years old”, assured Frida to the program From First hand. He also added, “You know what’s the grossest thing about it all? That when you are so young, they tell you: ‘This is what a grandfather does to his granddaughter who loves her’, and then at that age you have no idea … You have no conscience, so it becomes normal. And what disgusting, but it’s like that sometimes you already start to feel rich or something, do you understand me? Because your private parts are touching you. That’s why I kept quiet about it, because I said: ‘So, I’m sick? What’s up?'”, assured the young woman who also started her musical career a few months ago.

For its part, Enrique Guzman declared to Reform that he is surprised by these statements and that he spoke with his daughter Alejandra Guzman to emphasize that Frida sofia “It worries him a lot and that he should see a psychiatrist as soon as possible”, among some other claims the 78-year-old singer made.

Until now Alejandra Guzman it has not commented on the matter.