Lupita Nyong’o has not gotten over the death of Chadwick Boseman and thinks Ryan Coogler will honor his legacy

One of the MCU’s most tragic deaths did not occur on screen. Of course, I’m talking about the passing of Chadwick Boseman, the protagonist of Black Panther – 90%. It took everyone by surprise. As The Hollywood Reporter reported, only her family knew she had colon cancer and a few other people:

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Only a handful of people outside of his family knew that Boseman was ill with varying degrees of knowledge about the severity of the actor’s condition.

The main proof that Marvel had no idea is the fact that his character survived in Avengers: Endgame – 95%. The actor believed that he would still have time to film Black Panther II. Unfortunately he was wrong and his character probably dies out of the picture in that movie.

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Someone who has particularly suffered from the death of the actor and who has not hesitated to express it is Lupita Nyong’o, who played Nakia in Black Panther. Just remember that at the beginning of March he said on Good Morning America that with the sequel they are going to honor his legacy:

It will be different, of course, without our king [Chadwick Boseman]… but I know we are all dedicated to reinventing or continuing his legacy in this new #BlackPanther

Nor can one fail to mention that he paid him an extensive and emotional tribute on Twitter in September of last year. Among the many phrases he wrote on that occasion, I want to highlight this one:

Chadwick’s death is something I can’t take in or take in stride right now. Maybe in time …. I’m going to take my time … and in your honor, I promise not to waste time. I hope you do the same.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she has revealed that she has not yet been able to assimilate her death:

It is still very hard for me to accept his passing. Your leadership. He starred in the movie with so much compassion and only with his presence. When Chadwick came into being, he was present and brought his whole being into the movie. And he was so humble too. His leadership is going to be missed.

He also mentioned that Ryan Coogler is going to honor his legacy with that sequel:

I am completely sure that he would have wanted us to do this and I feel that what [el director] Ryan Coogler has planned to honor him [Chadwick Boseman] and his legacy. So it feels good to go back

She is not the only person who has spoken about the actor’s legacy. Recently, Anthony Mackie said that he believes that no one else should play T’Challa … not even himself:

You cannot replace it. I mean, he played the role in a way that it will never be done again. I would hate for an actor to pick up the baton that he left behind. There is no doubt that he was a dynamic figure and a great actor. Just looking at the reactions that Black Panther had, there is no one who could bring the same thanks to that role as he did. So I wouldn’t want to see Anthony Mackie as Black Panther. That would be horrible.

Fortunately, Kevin Feige agrees with the actor:

[la interpretaciĆ³n del difunto actor] is iconic and transcends any version of the character in any other medium from Marvel’s past. It is for that reason that we are not going to look for another actor for the character. However, to honor the legacy that Chad helped us build, we want to continue exploring the world of Wakanda and all of its rich and varied characters that were introduced in the first film.

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