Lupita Jones responds to Sofía Aragón’s statements against her

In addition, the winner of the 1991 Miss Universe pageant sent a powerful message to the former beauty queens. “I can tell the part of all the others because I know where they all come from and from what foot they limp, from the drug addict, the alcoholic,” he said. Lupita.

“It is better for them that I do not speak, and I do not do it because I do not want to harm them, because it is not my role, because I do empower. I will never look for how to harm anyone, I am a woman who builds, does not destroy ”.

And now that Sofia will not appear in the next final of Mexicana Universal to crown the new beauty queen, Lupita She clarified: “She is very indignant and very hurt because she is not going to come to give her crown, a few months ago a person very close to her, who until yesterday was close to the organization, is that ‘I no longer want my image to be related with beauty pageants. ‘

“And I said that how, where did she come from, how did she get to where she is? If she paid for them to turn her around to see her and for they put her on a catwalk, and she arrived at this contest, which was the one that gave her an opportunity and recognition and a position, and now she is very indignant because she is not going to come to crown, when she said it and I trust a person who told me, “he said.

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