Lupita Jones attacks Sofía Aragón for her statements

Lupita Jones attacks Sofía Aragón for her statements (Reform)

Lupita Jones attacks Sofía Aragón for her statements | Reform

Recently one of the most beautiful women in Mexico, who was about to become Miss Universe in 2019, Sofia Aragon shared a live video where she expressed her feelings and mentioned certain things in relation to the organization “Mexicana Universal”, of whom the former miss Universe Lupita Jones is a director.

Perhaps one of the dreams of every girl or young woman is to become a beauty queen, however the road ahead is not easy at all, it requires discipline, constant support and dedication to the beauty career.

Although in the comments that Sofia Aragon made on his official Instagram account entitled “The Truth Behind My Crown”, where he was answering some questions that his followers had and that they had been asking him constantly.

The model, writer, television host and beauty queen has around 554 thousand followers, who support her and who, through a list of questions, Sofía decided to answer one of the main questions they asked her, if she would participate in the coronation of Mexico Universal 2020, and it is that she would not participate in it, because Lupita Jones had excluded her, because many believed that it was TV Azteca who was prohibiting it.

Sofía cleared up the misunderstandings so she decided to share her experience with Lupita jones and the organization also known as Nuestra Belleza México, added that she had not received financial support from the organization and that she had to bear the expenses when she decided to live in Mexico City like any beauty queen because Lupita Jones told her that there was no money earmarked for her.

At no time did Sofía Aragón speak badly of Lupita Jones, even thanking her on several occasions since she learned a lot from her and thanks her.

What Sofía mentioned was that of the symbolic violence that she received the most, it was during her preparation to become queen, she also added that she would not be the only one who would join the cause.

This message goes directly to Lupita, that you also understand Lupita that yes, thanks to you we are many things you teach us many things, you give us a platform, we grow, we have more security and confidence, but you also have to understand that you are and you have achieved what that you have achieved for all the queens that have passed through your organization “, shared Sofía Aragón.

Immediately Lupita jones shared a live video like her where she denied all the accusations she was making against her, she mentioned that from the beginning she made things clear and that she ended up putting money from her purse to get ahead putting her at risk own heritage.

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Luita Jones was Miss Universe in 1991 and since then she decided to create the Promocertamen company in 1994 and since then she has put Mexican beauty in the most important beauty contests around the world.

The statements that she decided to answer against Sofía Aragón and perhaps other beauty queens that she assures will join her, is that she knows each and every one of the secrets of the young women who have passed through her company, she assured that none of them It is in their best interest for her to talk about her careers, shortcomings, and personal problems.

For Lupita Jones it was quite uncomfortable and annoying that Sofia Aragon She made such statements because it was practically because of her that she had become an important beauty queen.

Something that the former Miss Universe of 1991 added is that she would not give her the opportunity to deliver her crown because for Sofia the beauty pageants did not matter to her, information that a close friend of her had shared with her.

Regarding the trust money that the government of Jalisco had allocated for the 26-year-old girl, he assured that he did not receive but that Lupita Jones stayed with him and paid a trip to New York for a prize in which Sofía was also going, he affirmed that she was a thief and that she was only recovering the investment that she had put in her for her aesthetic arrangements and so on.

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