Lupita D’Alessio announces her retirement with her latest album – El Sol de México

The greatest wish that Lupita D’Alessio needs to fulfill in her career is to record a live album with all her hits, something that for now is impossible due to a long-standing dispute with her old record label, Orfeón, and a contract that prevents it.

“There is a huge catalog of mine and they don’t let me record it. That is a serious problem for them, not for me because I don’t even have the contract that I signed when I was 17 years old, in 1971; I do not have it in my possession, they never gave it to me or perhaps it was never demanded as well, ”he commented at a press conference.

The sleeping Lioness expressed that once she made this material she would consider her dismissal from the stage; “I want to record my hits album, my DVD, and then I retire. I think that hit record is missing and I can’t take my finger off the line ”.

The conflict between Lupita D’Alessio and Orfeón occurred when the defunct record company became the property of CBS-Sony. The contract of the new company specified that Lupita could not record any song from her catalog with another label, including her first hits Mentiras, Acaríciame, De parte de whom or Inocente, poor friend.

Despite the controversy, Lupita D’Alessio was cheerful during her reunion with the media after several years. There, Ary Borovoy announced that the singer signed a three-year contract with her label BoBo to record an album with original songs and live material.

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“Tomorrow I’ll give voice to the first single from an unreleased album,” the singer said. “It is an album that we are making with Bruno Danzza who is the author of Do not ask with whom and I am still here, which was the theme of the bioseries. It was a process of being able to choose the songs for your servant, because you have to tell realities and not just songs ”.

For the singer it was a priority that when choosing the songs, they had something to say about her life and her 51 years of artistic career. “You have to sing the truths that one has lived in life. And that’s what I really enjoy: lyrics that I can share and heal other people. That’s what music is all about. Do not sing lies or fictitious or unreal things ”.

In addition to the unreleased album and one live that she will release, Lupita D’Alessio plans her return to the stage after the pandemic with two concerts. The first on September 11 at the Arena Ciudad de México and the second on December 3 at the Pabellón M Auditorium in Monterrey, where it will offer the show that it provided via streaming last year.

“Here I am, it’s called the show we did on streaming. We will do it live with some modifications but it is more or less the same, with the new that is going to be recorded of course ”.

The singer received an award from Ary Borovoy celebrating more than 40 million records sold in her career. “It is important with this career to value the artist who was and will be Lupita D’Alessio for many more years,” said the businessman.

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