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Recently the couple of the moment, Belinda and Christian Nodal, announced their engagement, which has sparked hundreds of rumors, gossip and has involved third parties. One of the most mentioned people in relation to the subject has undoubtedly been Lupíllo Rivera, specifically in relation to the tattoos that the singer had on his skin of the interpreter of ‘Utopia’.

Just a couple of days ago, local media began to confirm that Rivera had decided to cover the tattoo of his ‘former love’ to end that stage of his life. He said that Lupillo would have completely removed the tattoo from Belinda’s face, this despite the fact that he had previously mentioned that he would not remove it unless the artist asked him to.

Reason for him that I take it off

This Friday morning, Lupillo Rivera shared on his official Instagram account that the reason why he decided to erase that tattoo from his skin was nothing less than his fiancée, Gisselle Soto, a beautiful 26-year-old young woman.

On the other hand, the tattooist in charge of removing Lupillo’s tattoo, Antonio Morales, explained that it was a long and painful process, since it took about 3 hours to cover it.

Before discovering what was the way to cover the controversial tattoo, Lupillo generated great disappointment among his followers, who affirm that it was a bad way to cover the face of who at some point was “the love of his life.”

What did he cover Belinda’s face with?

The singer explained that despite seeing different designs of panthers, lions and another series of animals to be the new tattoo that he would have on his arm, he finally decided to make a kind of “rayon”.

As if it had been covered with a brush and black paint, this is how what once Belinda’s face looks like now.

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