Lupillo Rivera receives low blows from Belinda with the following hints | INSTAGRAM

There have been several hints that the singer has released that seem to carry a dedication to her former partner in « La Voz ».

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Singer Belinda continues to show her love for Nodal, and has dedicated herself to downplaying any version of an alleged publicity stunt to raise La Voz’s rating, however, the truth is that in the few days after the unveiling of their romance The star has dealt some very low blows to Lupillo Rivera, with whom he was only romantically involved last year.

And we have been able to notice that Belinda’s behavior with both of them has been totally different, and Lupillo has been in charge of revealing that he did have an affair with her for a few months, but Belinda never confirmed it and in fact, the only time she spoke directly about he somehow did it to ensure that their relationship was only based on a great friendship.

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However, Beli has made several references and has thrown the occasional hint to the singer, the most recent was his statement in Ventaneando on the matter of tattoos.

As will be remembered, Lupillo Rivera tattooed Belinda’s face on one arm, because in the TV Azteca program they asked the singer about the many tattoos that Christian Nodal has, and revealed that he has not yet seen all of them, but that they you have seen liked.

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Tattooing has not been the only « blow » for Lupillo, unlike what happened with him, Belinda has been totally open when talking about her recent relationship with Nodal.

According to what a major media magazine in the country said, he decided to do it because Christian is different from all the men he has related to in the past. In the same way, the actress expressed herself as a great « friend » of Lupillo, she was never so affectionate as with Nodal, of whom she has said that she admires and respects him.

And it is that since the romance with Nodal became known, the name of Lupillo has come to light in memes and mockery through social networks.

In one of Belinda’s recent posts, a user posted a message related to Lupillo, to which another person responded with: “La Beli never walked with Lupillo. He had ideas, Beli never said they were walking. El Lupillo was overly amazed ”.

This message was applauded by Belinda, with which the singer seemed to make it clear that she never had an affair with him and that he would have had ideas about the status of their relationship.