Lupillo Rivera covers Belinda’s tattoo with her son’s design; in networks they mock


Through their social networks, Lupillo Rivera shared the video of how I cover up Belinda’s tattoo and the result … was disastrous.

A few days ago the rumor spread that the singer Lupilo Rivera would have removed the tattoo from Belinda’s face, after she got engaged to Christian Nodal.

We now know that the rumors were true.

Although Lupillo He gave his word “as a man” and promised that he would never remove his tattoo, love also came to the Mexican regional singer and now that he is about to commit, he has changed his mind.

It is for this reason, and to “give the place to his wife” that Lupillo rivera decided to eliminate forever Belinda, not only of his heart, but also of his skin; just like other of the singer’s examiners.

I’m glad I made this decision, in the first place to give my fiancee her place. I know that I gave my word at some point in my life, I was wrong and no way, ‘he said.

According to the video of Lupillo rivera, It was on May 12, 2021 at 3:30 PM in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, the day that the singer removed Belinda from her skin forever.

What tattoo did Lupillo get to cover Belinda?

Although fans of Lupillo they expected to see a viper, a tiger or a lion in the tattoo where BelindaThe result was disastrous, but not because of the tattoo artist.

The tattoo artist began to show me designs, of a tiger, a lion, a skull, in different ways, ‘he said.

But Lupillo, decided to become one designed by The King’, your 12-year-old son:

I was the one who chose the tattoo design because on one occasion I was sitting here and The King brought a marker and I asked him: how would you remove this tattoo and he began to paint it on me and so it was painted, so it was removed, ‘he said.

It was for this reason that the tattoo that replaced Belinda, It was a horrible black spot, which caused fans, and not so fans, of the singer to make fun of him:

‘You looked like a clown’, ‘What is that disaster’, ‘You would have made yourself a black panther’, ‘A black spot, that was Belinda on your way’, ‘What a horror Lupillo, mature’, ‘You just want to overshadow the commitment ridiculous and envious old Belinda, ‘they told him.

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