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Lupillo Rivera held a press conference to present a nutritional supplement. There the journalists questioned him about the criticism he has received for his macho comment.

After the controversy generated and after being labeled a misogynist, Lupillo Rivera offered an apology to Belinda and assured that the criticism was directed at Christian Nodal.

Lupillo Rivera: “I realized that maybe I could have responded differently”
Lupillo Rivera is in the middle of the controversy after he shared a video where he answers Christian Nodal for calling him a pig.

“No fart, this guy and I know that I ate first from the table,” said Lupillo Rivera while it was recorded by Giselle Soto.

However, his response generated great controversy and users attacked Lupillo Rivera because they assured that his comment was sexist and misogynistic, since he treated Belinda as if she were an object.

After the controversy generated, Lupillo Rivera pointed out that it was a spontaneous reaction and that he never thought about the impact that his words would have.

“As a man, the video for me, as they see it, was something natural. All the things you have seen recently are because Giselle suddenly comes with two phones and asks me questions because she wants to see my natural reaction “

Lupillo Rivera pointed out that the offense was directed at Christian Nodal. According to ‘El Toro del Corrido’ the singer started the problem by offending him first.

“On that occasion I responded in the most natural way, in the most real way, the offense directed directly at him (Christian Nodal), because we cannot forget that the one who began to offend the matter was him, that’s why the post says: ‘the one who takes, let him hold on’, and let him hold on to it “

In his statements, Lupillo Rivera offered an apology to Belinda and acknowledged that he made a mistake since he could have expressed himself differently.

“As a man, I apologize, because after watching the video I realized that maybe I could have responded in a different way (…) I apologize directly to Belinda if she thought, or if her fans thought , that the offense was against her, it was not. I never want to offend a woman in the world “


Lupillo Rivera assures that the tattoo with which he covered Belinda’s face is not finished
During the press conference, Lupillo Rivera pointed out that he is a happily married man, so he wishes Belinda and Christian Nodal the best.

In that sense, he stressed that his courtship with Belinda was something “fun” but it is already part of the past. He also stressed that the tattoo that covers the singer’s face is not finished since it will not “stay with those stripes.”

Source: SDP

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