The government has not said how many military personnel will leave the Middle East country.

Domingo García, the national president of LULAC, the oldest Latino civil rights organization in the United States, noted that the Army is not protecting female soldiers after the Latina Vanessa Guillén disappeared from the Fort Hood base two months ago and her family reported inaction by the military authorities.

« There are cameras everywhere, so it is impossible [Guillén] disappeared from the largest military base in the United States without anyone noticingSaid Garcia, the national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

According to García, the army was too slow at the beginning of the investigation and wasted precious time, something that the Guillén family has also denounced. « The army has a maxim: We leave no one behind. We can’t leave Vanessa or any woman behind to serve this country, « added the activist leader.

After the Guillén’s disappearance and sexual harassment speculations Against the soldier, other women who have served in the military have stepped forward to report being victims of abuse while doing their military service.

« We’re asking all women, especially Latina women or their families [que] don’t join the army until we are confident that they will be protected and careful when they serve our country. And right now I don’t think the army is capable of doing it for what has happened to Vannessa Guillén ”, sentenced Gardía.

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