Luke Voit sent a message to the world about the “awakened” Gary Sánchez

The initialist Luke voit He sent a message to the world about what is being seen in the Dominican Gary Sanchez with the Yankees of New York in MLB.

Gary Sanchez has been the offensive spark plug of the Yankees of New York in June without taking credit from others, but every time he sits down with the bat, it is very difficult for his team to lose.

On Wednesday night Gary Sanchez he homered to tie the game in the ninth against the Kansas City Royals, followed by Luke Voit with a single to drive in the winning run and knock the opponent out.

After the game, Luke Voit explained that the ‘Kraken’ Gary Sanchez it’s been getting back to normal.

“We are finally seeing what the Kraken is when it is unleashed.”

Voit was the 2020 Yankees home run player who led not only his team, but the entire MLB in a 60-game day.

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