The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have reportedly signed a contract with Impact Wrestling as confirmed by Gary Cassidy of the Sportskeeda website, who has said that the wrestlers have already been recording things for the company’s streaming channel, Impact Plus. .

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have already signed with Impact Wrestling

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are on their way to Impact Wrestling.

Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda has announced that both fighters would have reached an agreement with the company but that Impact Wrestling will not announce it yet because they prefer to wait until July 15, which is when the 90-day clause of not appearing in any Another promotion imposed by WWE on all contracts.

The idea of ​​the company right now is that fighters to debut at upcoming PPV Slammiversary to be held on July 18 or on recordings after it. What seems clear is that we could have two new teams fighting for the pairs titles of the company, if the union of Rhino with Heath Slater and the arrival of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Furthermore, one of the key reasons for the wrestlers’ signature is that they have reached an agreement with the company to participate in NJPW events, thereby fulfilling one of the most important conditions for both wrestlers who wanted to return to Japan. where they have a great poster.

What has also been known is that both fighters have filmed shows for Impact Plus and they will also broadcast the Talk-n-show Mania to be held on August 1 and that it could be a fighters’ own company and not just a special program.

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