Lukaku gives life to Inter and air to Real Madrid

Insist, persist and never give up. That must be the recipe for Inter de Milan in this Champions
League in which, after his victory against the Borussia Mönchengladbach (2-3), he still has options to stay alive and, in addition, he throws a cable to Real Madrid. If both win in the last round, they will be eighth teams.

Those of Conte, not without suffering, they reaped the triumph in Germany after getting ahead by means of Darmian, suffer the tie of Plea and find the way with Lukaku, Who else?

More participants than usual

With the defeat of Real Madrid in Kiev, this was a game in which four teams played. On the one hand those present on the lawn; Borussia and Inter and, on the other, those present on the television; Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk.

And is that this group has become so unpredictable that a marker places the same team in heaven or hell in a matter of minutes. At first, Germans and Italians fought for their own thing and nothing else and they gave a good account of it from the beginning.

Especially those of Conte, the most needy, who still do not explain how they can come from being runners-up of Italy and of the Europa League and suffer so much in this edition of the Champions. Perhaps for all this they started with one more march and Darmian, deflation replacement Achraf, he confirmed it with the initial goal. Braided play, dagger down the right lane, crossed shot and goal with the invaluable help of Sommer that he didn’t close his legs in time.

From then on, the game put the “automatic pilot” mode and showed chances that were not too dangerous for both teams. But this is football. The Champions, specifically. Y Plea, with a header on the edge of the break, he was in charge of reminding the forgetful by putting the tie. Again to do the math.

Lukaku and Plea, goal workers

In the second half, the game followed the same course as in the first: a Inter dominator, reaching the opposite area and taking advantage of the gunpowder that he has above. That is to say, Lukaku, that more than gunpowder is the entire cannon.

The Belgian again signed an exhibition of physical power, quality and definition to make the 1-2, getting rid of Zakaria (1.91 cm – 76 kg) as if he were a cadet. Cross shot and in.

In 1-3 he had it somewhat easier and only had to hit a kind of moving penalty that Achraf served him from the right after a counter.

Everything seemed closed but if the Borussia marches where marches in the table is not by chance. and Plea, who is another who knows a lot about the goal, put his team in the match with 2-3 and even signed the tie. However, the VAR understood that there was a positional offside of Embolo in the Frenchman’s auction and did not consider it good.

In this way, the Inter de Milan lend an indirect hand to Real Madrid waiting back on the last day because if the Italians win at Shakhtar and the whites to Borussia, Madrid and Inter They will access the round of 16.